Lifestyle Tips to Prevent Cognitive Decline

As we get older, our brain can sometimes go into a decline and it can be more difficult for us to remember things as easily as we once did, or to do things like crossword puzzles as effectively as we may be used to.

The good news is, that although some cognitive decline is inevitable as we age, there are numerous lifestyle factors that we can employ to slow it down and hopefully prevent the worst of it from becoming a problem.


You probably knew this was coming, but exercise has been shown to be one of the biggest factors in slowing down or preventing cognitive decline as we age. People who are regularly active are far less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease or dementia than those who are sedentary, and research has shown that aerobic activity is likely to be the most effective form of exercise to take.

Social connections

When people are lonely as they get older, their cognitive abilities can often start to decline more rapidly than for those people who have lots of friends and family around them

That is why, as you get older, you should do what you can to avoid being isolated,d whether that means spending more time with loved ones, joining a club or hiring a carer via the cd program who can offer companionship as well as the care you may need. If you want your brain to stay active, you need to keep connected and spend more time having good times with great people.

Giving up smoking

If you are an older person who smokes, you are at a 79 percent greater risk of illnesses like dementia than the average person. So, if you can possibly find a way to give up the tobacco, even if you simply switch to vaping instead, you can significantly lower your risk of cognitive decline, and a whole host of other illnesses like heart disease and cancer too.

Eat a Mediterranean diet

A Mediterranean diet is a diet that is rich in fish, olive oil, tomatoes, whole grains, and legumes. It has been shown to be protective against cognitive decline, and it is also really good for weight loss too, if that is something you need to think about.

I the Mediterranean diet is not for you, then eating as little sugar as you can (under 10 percent of your total diet() limiting salt to around 5 grams per day, and eating as little processed food as you can, will really help to prevent cognitive decline too.

As you can see, there are so many things you can do to slow down, and possibly even prevent cognitive decline as you get older, sn the sooner you start incorporating them into your life, the more effective they are likely to be. 

However, some people will experience cognitive decline no matter what they do, and if you think this is happening to you, it is important that you speak to your physician as soon as possible. 

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