Partner With Us

Specifically, our mission is to improve longevity and healthy aging through partnerships, discovery, education, and outreach.

We envision a society where our culture and institutions support the quality of life for older adults in particular so that each of them feels cared for and supported.

We love partnering with complementary brands and companies to create relevant content and educational pieces about living longer and healthier lives in today’s digital era.

Here are some ways to work with us:

• White Papers
• Video Creation
• Sponsored Posts
• Product Reviews
• Social Media Sharing
• Course Development
• Training Opportunities
• Speaking Engagements
• Brand Ambassadorship
• Conferences and Events

Please note that brands and services must adopt a positive view of aging as a healthy, normal part of life. Take a look below at some of our projects, and contact us today if you’d like to partner together.

• Providing editorial support for the Recipes of HOPE Manuscript, which documents the recipes prepared, cooked, and shared during a family’s 16,000-mile journey across Europe in The Welcome Tent, an ex-army catering tent re-purposed for peace.

• Co-authored a white paper titled Social and Financial Costs of Millennial Dementia Caregivers. The report explored the economic impact of the shift to millennial caregivers and the higher rate of incidence of Alzheimer’s in minority groups.

• Organized a social media book giveaway for Dementia Awareness Week. The Dementia Diaries is an award-winning project that looks at dementia from the perspective of a young person. It follows four young people dealing with dementia in their grandparents.

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