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Articles are one page, single-spaced with double spacing between paragraphs or double-spaced, and 12 point Times New Roman font. They should not be published elsewhere or be under consideration for any other platform. Unless necessary, articles should omit personal pronouns. The editors will review and edit all submissions. Please note that articles must capture the uniqueness of aging because people experience aging in different ways. Submit articles and bios here.


Include citations where relevant and hyperlink to full-text references within five years. Articles must contain references and writers should review the types of sources used in previous articles. Please fact-check references to determine the accuracy of statements. Global Health Aging reserves the right to reject any article, and all contributions are unpaid at this time.


Global Health Aging uses photos in the public domain. The editors will source images, but writers who supply photos are encouraged to use personal photos or images from Pixabay, Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain Pictures, Public Health Image Library, Google, Unsplash, and more. Contact us with any questions or to suggest more photo-sharing websites.

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