Diana Patel, PhD | Advisor

Diana is a postdoctoral research associate in the College of Public Health at Kent State University, focusing on maternal and child health and technology. She works on projects that investigate both the positive and negative impact of technology on health (including screen time, virtual reality and clinical health outcomes, and using machine learning to study social media posts about maternal and child health). In addition to this, she has interests in studying health and well-being across the lifespan, with an emphasis on social support and social networks and the role they play in impacting health. Connect with Diana on LinkedinTwitter, and Instagram.

Sophie Okolo, MPH | Founder and Principal

Sophie is a public health scientist with a background in gerontology and bioinformatics. She has worked on various projects across the private and public sectors, from leading healthy aging portfolios to analyzing the impact of dementia on millennial caregivers. Her articles regarding the intersection of technology and healthcare, including how innovations transform the management of chronic diseases for diverse populations, have been published extensively, most notably appearing in PBS Next Avenue, Forbes, Salon, and other media outlets. An advocate for STEM, Sophie supports causes that improve women and minority representation. She was selected as a TEDMED 2020 Research Scholar for her expertise in public health, bioinformatics, and science communication. Connect with Sophie on Linkedin, Twitter, and her website.

Emma Barrett Palmer, LLB, MSc | Advisor

Emma is the founder of humanKINDER Ltd, a company whose mission is to amplify silenced voices for whole systems change using social innovation, creative research, and humanitarian design. She was a founding member, and lead at the first Social Innovation Lab in the UK government, where she curated the award-winning project called The Dementia Diaries. In 2019, the humanKINDER team was awarded a global design research prize by the European Academy of Design and South African Design Indaba for Recipes of HOPE using food as a catalyst to build community. Emma is writing a book that documents the food cooked and shared with displaced communities during a 16,000-mile journey across Europe in The Welcome Tent, an ex-army catering tent re-purposed for peace. Connect with Emma on LinkedinTwitter, and Instagram.

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