Health Benefits Of Sunlight

We all know the dangers of too much sun exposure and the link between UV rays and skin cancer is well-documented. If you don’t take steps to protect yourself when you are out in the sun, you can do irreparable damage. It’s also important to avoid using sunbeds because they expose you to high levels of UV light. 

But even though UV can be harmful to your skin, that doesn’t mean you should hide away from the sun altogether because it actually does a lot for your health. These are some of the big health benefits of UV that you should be aware of. 

Antibacterial Properties 

Finding ways to kill bacteria and viruses is more important than ever during the pandemic, and sunlight can be a huge help. The bacteria-killing properties of UV were first discovered when treating tuberculosis and more research since shows that exposure to UV is one of the most effective ways to kill off any bacteria and viruses. These days, UV germicidal irradiation is used to purify spaces by flooding them with lots of UV light to create a harsh environment for bacteria and viruses. If you run a business or manage any kind of public space, you should learn more about UVC germicidal irradiation and how to use it to protect people from illness. Many places are also installing things like UV light displays on door handles and other areas that get touched a lot to reduce the spread of disease. 

Sunlight And Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays an important role in a lot of bodily processes, like managing the immune system and recycling cells. Vitamin D deficiency is a big problem but it’s incredibly common because people don’t get enough sunlight. You don’t get much vitamin D from your diet and you need exposure to sunlight in order for your body to make it. Your body makes vitamin D from cholesterol, but it needs energy in order to do this. The energy that is needed comes from UV rays, so regular sunlight exposure is the best way to avoid a vitamin D deficiency. 

Sunlight And Mental Health

If you want to look after your physical health, you need to manage your mental health too. There are so many different things you need to balance in order to keep on top of your mental health, but UV exposure is one of the best things for it. When your body is exposed to UV rays, it generates more serotonin, which boosts your mood and reduces feelings of stress and anxiety. Getting outside in the sun also reduces the chances of developing seasonal affective disorder, which is a type of depressive disorder that people usually develop during the winter. Exposing yourself to UV rays can help to boost your overall mood and, when combined with other treatments, it’s a great way to manage your mental health.

UV rays can be very damaging to the skin and it’s important that you take the right precautions. However, it also has a lot of great health benefits, so don’t shy away from the sun altogether. 

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