Adjusting To Your New Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are an effective solution for hearing loss, which can be common in older adults. Nowadays hearing aids are custom-designed, automated, and smaller than ever before. Here are a few tips on how to adjust quickly to your new hearing aids. 

Warn your friends and family

Even though hearing loss is one of the more common health problems in older adults, you should warn your friends and family you’re still adjusting to the situation. They might assume that because you have a new hearing aid that you can hear perfectly. Speak to them about your experiences so they can react with more understanding. Your new hearing aids will help you adjust to social situations again.

Set yourself goals and exercises

You could set yourself little tasks to do and try testing your hearing aids out in new environments. For example, you could try the mindful practice of forest bathing, which helps to awaken the senses. Go for a hike in a peaceful area of natural beauty, such as a forest or woodland. Take in all the different sounds of nature and enjoy identifying them. You can also adjust the settings on the hearing aid to determine your preferences.

Give yourself a break

If you’re new to wearing hearing aids, don’t worry about giving yourself a break from time to time. You can start slowly and wear them for short periods at a time. The main thing is that you feel comfortable. There may also be certain activities that you shouldn’t do while wearing hearing aids, but you can speak to your audiologist about this.

Ask your audiologist for tips and advice

If you’re even in doubt, ask your audiologist. An audiologist can provide you with all the information and advice you need, along with exercises to help you adjust to your hearing aids. Hearing aids are custom-made for the wearer, so they should be comfortable. If you have any problems at first, you may need the settings changing or adjusted slightly. It can take a little while to get used to wearing hearing aids for the first time, but you’ll soon forget they’re even there.

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