Common Health Problems (And Solutions) In Older Adults


Arthritis is arguably the single most common condition that people over 65 experience. It can be painful and debilitating if it is ignored or not managed properly, so awareness of the condition is the first step to learning more about signs and symptoms. Because arthritis can discourage a person from being active, which can, in turn, lead to worse health, it is essential to work with a doctor to ensure that there is a healthcare plan in place for treating it.


In 2019, Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia ranked as the seventh leading cause of death worldwide. Women are disproportionately affected because globally, 65 percent of deaths from Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia are women. Dementia is a sad and frightening disease that raises concern for everyone. Contrary to popular opinion, dementia does not only affect memory. It also causes difficulty with behavioral changes, depression, and more. Sometimes it might be necessary to put your loved one into an Alzheimer’s Care Facility or or a similar care home to ensure that they are getting the best care.


Cancer is one of the most common health problems affecting people of all age ranges. But most cancers arise in individuals over the age of 60. We are getting better and better at treating cancer, and some types are less severe than others, but even so, cancer is a deadly disease. A big part of avoiding cancer is ensuring that you have a healthy lifestyle during the years leading up to old age, as best as you can manage.

Body Aches


An older individual is more likely to injure themselves accidentally in various ways. It becomes increasingly important to take care of oneself and ensure that you prevent trips and falls, and this might be where the help of loved ones becomes especially relevant in older years. At a certain age, a simple fall can be deadly or can cause huge ongoing issues, so falls need to be taken very seriously by all involved.

Other Accidents

In addition to falls, there are many other types of accidents such as scalding and burning, accidental poisoning, and hypothermia that affect older adults. Older people should take great care at all times, and their environments must remain safe and healthy. As long as the environment is safe, these accidents are much less likely to occur in the first place, and any resulting injuries of those that do occur can be dealt with much more effectively, leading to fewer ongoing problems.

These are some of the health issues that older adults need to be aware of today. With better awareness and understanding comes an ability to avoid or manage these problems and lead to a better end of life.

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