Five Questions With Mental Health Advocate Drona Dewi

Name: Drona Dewi
Job: Author and Mental Health First Aider
Country: Malaysia and Nepal
Age: 35

Drona Dewi is a holistic wellness trainer from a biotechnology background with more than ten years of experience in research and development. Dewi is a triple threat: she is a certified trainer, certified image consultant, and certified skincare consultant. She works as a training manager at the Medhini group, where she manages all aspects of planning and execution of training programs related to science and technology. A licensed mental health first aider, Dewi is passionate about mental health and started her research on diabetes care and lifestyle modification. In the last five years, she has ventured into wellness to improve both inner and outer beauty. Her approaches are backed by science because she believes good skincare is an investment and says a lot about one’s lifestyle. Dewi is passionate about creating awareness of the importance of lifestyle balance through science communication. Connect with her on Instagram, FacebookLinkedIn, YouTube, and website.

On making time for self-care and mental health:

“Since I need to help myself before I help others, I have a routine that puts me first before my family. I am home most of the time, and working from home, even pre covid, has put me into a fixed routine. My “me time” is in my kitchen preparing food for the family, and as a wellness mama, I find time to bond with my sons through exercise. Our exercise time is added to my routine because it is critical, and I see my body as a temple. The best part of founding Drona Wellness is I get to practice what I preach. Drona means balance in Sanskrit, and wellness is a lifestyle. Whenever I am sharing with my clients, I feel more empowered because it reminds and reassures me of my wellness knowledge and how I can improve. Seeing science in everything brings me joy! I do not try to reinvent the wheel. Instead, I share my points based on science-backed research findings. I am co-author of “Life is a Gift: Loving You,” a beautiful anthology covering a wide range of subjects aimed at teaching one how to love oneself unconditionally along the journey through life.”

On a surprising fact about the skin and health connection:

“While the connection between skin and health needs a holistic approach, spiritual beauty is especially important because it is how you feel about yourself emotionally. Spiritual beauty is the Tejas (Sanskrit word), meaning the radiant energy that gives the glow from activities and actions such as love, truthfulness, kindness, face yoga, and exercise to release feel-good hormones. These will assist you in dealing with stress and emotional difficulties. I have met people without skincare routines who have good skin, and it’s because of their spiritual energy – a light that shines brightly within. One can start by having a gratitude journal and practicing mindfulness because you sometimes need to pause, breathe, and learn to love your life!”

On the role of diet in maintaining healthy skin:

“There is a famous quote, “you are what your skin eats.” What you feed yourself will be reflected on your skin, such as the deficiency of trace minerals and vitamins. Due to an increased level of free radicals from poor diet, premature aging is a common problem. A simple Skin Profiling Analysis can check if there is an imbalance in the body using the elements of oriental analysis, and the results will show the imbalance on the skin surface. This method has been used, since ancient times, even before the advancement of technology. One sentence that sums it all is glowing skin, glowing health.” Read more about beauty stereotypes in older women.

On improving both nutrition and skin health:

“Embracing our genetic makeup is important. The 40/60 rule of 40 percent nature (genes) and 60 percent nurture (environment) is the key to understanding the relationship with the skin. We need to have the courage to love ourselves wholeheartedly. As a mental health first aider, I get people to rediscover their purpose in life. We often need to pause, breathe, and be grateful for life! When you feel good about yourself and eat good food, then good genes get turned on, AND good skincare works wonders. People are into quick fixes and investing in cosmetic surgery and skincare, trying to improve their skin and beauty when often a simple improvement in diet, health mindset, exercise, skincare, and makeup routine can dramatically improve the health of skin cells. This month, I am starting a series called Let’s Talk Wellness about different science-backed trends.

On her future goals:

“I would love to coach and help businesses and entrepreneurs in the health, beauty, and wellness industries. I also want to provide solutions to their needs, opinions, and ideas by communicating science better. For example, over-claiming a product as ‘chemical-free’ does a disservice to the consumer. Instead, it is better to communicate in a more specific way, such as naming the toxic or harsh chemicals to be avoided in skincare or food. I plan to influence the world with science-backed research on the holistic approach to a better lifestyle. Just like Dr. Rangan Chatterjee! It includes relaxing more, eating smart, moving better, and clever sleeping. Post-COVID, a new religion will be born, the religion of “lifestyle,” and this has made my goals more achievable in a sustainable way. Because even now, people realize the importance of a healthy lifestyle and are looking for creative ways to attain it. Wish me luck!”

When you feel good about yourself and eat good food, then good genes turn on, and good skincare works wonders.

Drona Dewi, B.S.

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  2. Thank you for the feature. I hope my purpose of life will serve others as well.

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