Monthly News Roundup – September 2016

So what happened in August 2016? This is why newsletters should not be delayed!

August was quite the month since we tackled tough topics such as addiction and elder abuse. The article on elder abuse was apart of a series which you can read here. Let’s take a look at what happened in August.

While many articles were published on the web, these six (we’ll tell you why in the next newsletter) were especially interesting. Learn about topics such as migration, geroscience and even robots!

Unlike news stories, peer-reviewed articles inform us of the science behind healthy aging and longevity. We selected a recent article focusing on opioid-induced constipation (OIC), which is often under-recognized and under-treated in older adults. Opioids are primarily used for pain relief.

Do you know that the University of Hawaii offers a ‘mini-medical school‘ to promote healthy aging? The new course is open to the public and covers topics like viruses, falls, and prescription drugs. As the saying goes, “you’re never too old to learn something new!”

And here’s a quote to keep you inspired till next month!

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