What You Can Learn From Your Poop

Going to the toilet is something we all do in one way or another. For most of us, we head to the toilet to take a bowel movement once or twice a day. 

But you might be surprised just how much information your toilet time can give you. 

Color changes

If you are feeling a little under the weather then a change in your normal color might be commonplace. However, if you feel relatively okay in yourself but you notice that your stool is a different color than usually more regularly it is time to head to the doctor. Food coloring can give us irregular colors, but if you notice consistent yellow, grey, or other colors this could signal digestive problems. 


From time to time you might have a thinner than usual poop, and likewise a larger poop. Yet, if you are consistently seeing thin pencil-like stools this might indicate that you have a blockage somewhere and this should be checked out as soon as possible. 


The image might be grim, but greasy stools can be a sign that you aren’t properly digesting fat. When we aren’t digesting fat this could mean we aren’t taking in enough nutrients, there may be a pancreas issue, celiac disease, or an infection. 

Our toilet habits can give a huge insight into our overall health. Too much fibre, not enough fiber, dehydration, and other illnesses are easy to spot once you know what is normal for you – and what isn’t. Start paying attention to your poops – and who know what you might uncover. 

Infographic about  colon and rectal cancer among millennials

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