Tips for Discussing Senior Living Arrangements with Aging Parents

When most people think of their parents, they think of them living in the same house. But this is not always the case. As we age, our needs change, and homes need to be modified or replaced to accommodate our new needs. And with the cost of housing on the rise, it can be challenging to afford two homes. Read on for some tips if you’re wondering how you can help your aging parents make decisions about their future homes.

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Options available to aging parents

Aging parents have several possibilities. But before you start advising your parents, you need to understand their circumstances.

Some elderly parents will like moving into a retirement home like Senior Care in Green Bay, which includes a playground, outdoor activities, and social events. Other elderly parents may prefer to stay there and buy a new home with conveniences like an elevator and a walk-in shower.

Whether living at home or moving into a retirement home or a center for the elderly is yours.

Consider what your parents want. 

Of course, your parents’ needs are essential in deciding what type of home is best for them. It might be more convenient for some older adults to stay close to their children and grandchildren. It makes sense to have a smaller home with a yard or garden that’s easier to maintain in this scenario.

It might make more sense for other older adults to move closer to family members who live nearby. Again, these seniors might prefer a smaller home with fewer maintenance responsibilities.

Find the right time to talk about it.

You need to choose the perfect time to discuss your parents’ residences with them. When individuals are busy, it’s easier to avoid and forget about such discussions.

But, if you want to ensure that these discussions occur, let your parents know that they will need to start thinking about their future housing needs. If you wait until they’re seriously considering leaving their existing residence, it’s unlikely they’ll listen to your perspective or follow your recommendations.

Begin by suggesting ways to make their current home more accessible to seniors. Without moving into an assisted living facility or selling their house, you can help them make simple modifications to improve their quality of life.

Understand your parents’ health and mobility needs

It’s critical to understand your parents’ health and mobility issues before assisting them with housing options.

Seniors’ physical health is a significant element in determining where to reside. For appointments or treatments, seniors need to walk to nearby medical care. As they age, caregivers may require bathing, dressing, and eating.

Age-related health can also influence senior housing options. Older adults may have more trouble traveling around, limiting their house selections because they no longer wish to drive or readily access public transportation. In-home care residents may also require assistance getting around.

Decide with your parents.

You can help them decide whether to move into assisted living or sell their existing house when the time comes. You can either participate in their debate or step back and let them conclude. Regardless, this is an emotional decision best left to your parents.

If you’re unclear how to proceed, call your local adult daycare center for assistance. They may have suggestions for helping your parents make the best choice.

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