How Does Aging Lead To Hair loss?

Balding is a common side effect of aging, with around 50 percent of men going bald by the age of 50. Women also experience hair loss as they age, around 30 million women to be exact. So why does hair loss happen as we get older and is there anything we can do about it?

Why Do We Lose Our Hair As We Age?

There are many reasons that ageing causes hair loss in such high numbers. Here are a few of the main reasons you might experience hair loss as you get older.

● Genetics
● Menopause
● Medications
● Poor diet
● Lack of exercise
● Over styling
● Illness

While it can be your medications or over styling, researchers say that the biggest cause of hair loss while we age is that our DNA is getting older and mutations cause hair follicles to shrink, causing thinning hair and hair loss. Lifestyle changes and having a hair growth routine may help reverse hair loss. Here are three ways you can restore hair loss (or prevent it from happening).

1) Enhance your lifestyle choices

Exercise and healthy eating are critical not just for your hair health, but your overall wellbeing as well. Eating a rich, whole foods diet and getting daily movement in will help prolong the health of your hair. You can try out these foods:

● Avocados
● Fatty fish
● Greek Yogurt
● Berries
● Legumes
● Nuts
● Seeds
● Eggs
● Peppers

Moving your body also helps reduce stress, improves blood flow circulation, and improves your scalp health. Some examples include hiking, daily walks, yoga, dance classes, or anything else you find enjoyable. It’s easier to stick to a lifestyle change when you enjoy what you are doing.

2) Try out hair therapy

LLLT for hair growth uses non-invasive techniques to restore your hair at a cellular level. Studies have shown that LLLT (low-level laser therapy) is both safe and effective for hair loss. The technology uses a laser cap to grow your hair from home, so it’s a lot easier to stick to. LLLT works even better when you add in hair loss supplements or a topical treatment like minoxidil.

3. Reduce your stress

Stress is a common cause of hair loss, high blood pressure, and a host of other health issues, so getting your stress in check is important. There are many ways you can reduce stress including:

● Meditating
● Doing yoga
● Getting outside in nature
● Asking for help
● Self-care practices

If relaxing outdoors and listening to your favorite music works for you, then add more of that into your life. Make more time for the things you enjoy, and always remember to bring some ease into your days. Whether that’s getting up earlier to meditate or enjoying quiet moments in your home, make sure you take the time to let go of stress every day.

Hair loss happens, and it is a common part of aging. But if your goal is to prevent, reduce, or manage hair loss, it is essential to start making the right choices for your hair today. It’s all about taking care of yourself, getting extra hair growth support when you need it, and staying consistent with your hair routine.

Tiffany Fuller is a writer with a passion for holistic wellness. She works for illumiflow, a revolutionary brand dedicated to helping fight hair loss.

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