Monthly News Roundup – July 2015

Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Photo by Paolo Margari.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Photo by Paolo Margari.

From oral health to long-term care, elderly health is important for older people. A vast array of services are available in many nations and we discussed some of them on the blog last month. UAE is particularly interesting because there is a high regard for elders within the family structure, among other reasons. Let’s take a look at what happened this past month at Global Health Aging.

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June Peer Reviews

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The McMaster Optimal Aging Portal provides easy to understand, scientific evidence about how to stay healthy, active and engaged as we grow older. The Portal:

  • Makes sense of the science: Experts identify key messages from scientific research that is relevant and ready to be acted on.
  • Provides information you can trust: There are many free online health resources but it is hard to know which are worth a closer look. The Portal offers expert evaluation to tell users whether those resources are based on scientific research.
  • Puts the research in context: Experts provide commentary on what the scientific research on a topic actually means and why good science matters.
  • Shares important health news on the site and Twitter: @Mac_AgingNews tweets about emerging health news, evidence and related information from the Portal.

The Portal, which is part of McMaster’s Labarge Optimal Aging Initiative, also provides customizable email alerts about new evidence and resources added to the site. Visit the Facebook page here


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