Consulting and Research

Serving communities, nonprofit, and start-up organizations to help them communicate ideas and concepts effectively.

Supporting students, recent graduates and professionals (of ALL ages) to market themselves and their careers as brands.

Supervising the efforts of mission-driven groups in the quest for innovative solutions and productive development.

Selected Projects

• Authored a report with Center for Healthcare Innovation titled Social and Financial Costs of Millennial Dementia Caregivers. This report explores the impact of the shift to millennial caregivers and the higher rate of incidence of Alzheimer’s in minority groups.

• Providing editorial guidance for a manuscript “Recipes of HOPE” detailing recipes prepared, cooked and shared during one family’s 16,000 mile journey across Europe in The Welcome Tent, an ex-army catering tent re-purposed for peace.

• Managed communication strategy for different STEM initiatives, developing and implementing methods for engaging audiences. This included a comprehensive social media strategy to connect insights and ideas to the local and broader community.

Some of our offerings include: Writing and Editing; Coaching; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Social Media Strategy; Health Education and Promotion; Program Design; Content Creation and Management; Research and Dissemination; Engagement; Strategy; STEM and STEAM Advocacy; Landscape Analysis.

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