Coming To Terms With Your Parents Getting Older

Be a supportive caregiver

Manage stress and anxiety

As you try to be strong and caring about your parents’ needs, you will face external stressors. Although you are supposed to accept reality, it’s okay to vent to release the stress and anxiety. If you bottle up all your emotions, you will have a hard time being a caregiver and focusing on other responsibilities. Do whatever it takes to find peace with the situation; you can go for therapy, seek guidance and counseling, or talk to a trusted friend.

Hold discussions with other family members

Empathize with your parents’ feelings

Aging could be more challenging for your parents than it is for you. Your parents, being used to taking care of you, may have a hard time asking you for help. As much as you expect them to be okay with the situation, try to put yourself in their shoes. When communicating with them, listen and have an empathetic perspective. Allow your parents to express their feelings of loss and find alternatives to retain some level of control.

Evaluate your feelings

The only way to come to terms with your parents getting older is by evaluating how you feel. It’s also a good start to enable you to care for and support them emotionally. Your initial reactions will be grief and fear when you begin to notice that your dad or mom is becoming less functional and frail.

If you’ve always thought of your parents as strong and capable, the reverse role of caring for them is frightening. You start to grieve about the process of life transitions, and when you begin to endure it, feelings of guilt, sorrow, and anger begin to overwhelm you. However, these are normal reactions, and you can only control what you can.

Listen and involve your parents in decision-making

Take care of their health

Bottom line

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