Why Rest and Recovery Are Critical After Exercise

Meeting your health needs as you get older is not only about learning how to keep healthy, but making sure to incorporate rest and recovery in everyday life. And as we get older, we may think that getting more exercise may lead to increased strength and endurance. But the secret is in the recovery, and not workouts. Beginners as well as many experienced athletes do not recover properly. Hence this article will introduce ways to help with physical recovery, so you can get the most out of good exercise routines.

Minimizing Soreness

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, commonly known as DOMS, is muscle pain that begins after you’ve worked out. It normally starts a day or two after a workout, an indication that it is essential to relax the muscles to reduce “tightness” and improve strength. Gentle stretching, muscle massage, a period of rest, and ice to help reduce inflammation are some ways to help speed up recovery and relieve muscle soreness. Companies like Rocket Pure or Omax Health also market cooling creams, but make sure to read the latest news from the FDA on health products.

The Importance of Refueling Yourself

When it comes to food and nutrition, recharging your body is critical after a workout. If you are doing an intense exercise regime with inadequate calorie intake, your brain signals your body’s need for food (that your body is starving), which results in a downregulation of anabolic hormones. As a result, the hard work to gain muscle strength is lost. A good recovery depends on having an adequate amount of protein, and certain carbohydrates to replenish the glycogen lost. The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for protein is a modest 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.

Reduce Stress

Recovering from exercise helps to minimize stress because stress increases cortisol levels, which can impair our ability to recover. Hence, it is vital to incorporate calming techniques that will improve sleep and quality of life. Exercise is for both the young and old. It will look different for everyone and at different stages of life. But the goal is to GET MOVING.

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