Making Your Home More Accessible

As we age, we might need a little more support around our homes. Making the home more accessible is one of the most important ways that we can prepare for our future. Here are five modifications to support independence and mobility in aging.

Bath barriers

Bathrooms can pose an issue for those who need wheelchairs, walking sticks, or some no-slip support. Tiles can become slippy, and bathrooms aren’t great in case of a fall. Changing how you can get in and out of your tub can make a huge difference to how long you can enjoy your bathroom. 

Consider having a bathtub replacement. Those with seats and fully accessible doors can create an enjoyable bathing experience without the risk of falling. Handles affixed to the walls and the sides of the tub can also help with extra support too. 


Stairs aren’t friendly to those with mobility issues. Replace access stairs to the property with a ramp, or invest in a threshold ramp that can be used when required.

Stairlifts are one of the best investments for retaining access to your whole home when stairs pose an issue. Stairlifts come in many different styles and can ensure that you or your family can move around your home. 

If you have the budget and space, an elevator is also a possible solution. They are safe and reliable and can be fitted into the corner of a room or where you have space. Although elevators might seem like a big investment, they allow the home to remains accessible to anyone. 


Low mobility, balance issues, and those who are prone to falling can benefit from handrails placed around the home. Handrails can make getting in and out of bed easier, moving around the bathroom easier, and decreasing the risk of falling. 

Handrails can be one of the smallest and yet most beneficial additions and modifications to the home. They can also increase the general safety for all family members too! 


Round doorknobs aren’t accessible; in fact, some handles aren’t accessible either. They are heavy and require a solid grip to open and close. 

Replace the doorknobs with push and pull mechanisms can help increase mobility and accessibility in your home. 

Automatic doors, where possible, can be even more useful; access can be gained by pushing a button or using a remote control. 

The biggest bonus about automatic doors is that they usually retain their manual function too. So they are useful for those who need them. 


Smooth, even flooring, is one of the best modifications for any home. Thick carpets can be a hindrance to walking frames, wheelchairs, and more. As a result, tiles and wood flooring can be better but pose an issue when they are wet. 

Remember, even when making these changes, you can grow old with grace. Check out our guest post: Growing Younger Gracefully: Your Guide to Aging with Vitality, Resilience, and Pizzazz.

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