Redefining Your Excellent Style As You Age

Many people have different thoughts on ageing and what it means to them. While all of us have the same number of hours in a day and the same number of days in a year, what we choose to do with that time, and how we relate to it can be vastly different. For instance, there are huge industries that are supported by offering the antidote to ageing’s effects, for instance, how we may grow wrinkles or lose the color of our hair.

Of course, some people decide to take part in cosmetic surgery or other practices to help them look and feel younger, and that’s for every individual to decide. But how can we more easily redefine our style as we age, and what universal principles are worth knowing as you move into middle age and beyond? While it’s hard to give strict advice to apply to everyone, there are some worthwhile considerations we can make that aren’t necessarily platitudes or moral judgments in any way, shape, or form.

Let us consider what those are, and the value they might hold:

New Accessories

New accessories can make a major difference in how you tailor your outfit and how you can present yourself to the world. Accessories can become ephemeral additions to your outfit or perhaps long-standing sentimental pieces you love to wear. Sometimes, they can even look great and serve a real purpose, such as getting frames from

As you age, your taste in accessories may change. Perhaps you’ll love to wear more or less jewelry but invest in better items. Perhaps you’ll have jewelry crafted to celebrate milestones in your life. Maybe an investment in a watch you know will last a decade is an important gift to yourself. Don’t be afraid to tailor your accessory collection, as this can be great fun.

Color Tones & Shifts

The color tones and shifts in your outfits can be lovely to consider, particularly if you begin to stop dying your hair or if you wish to move into deeper, more confident, nobler, and dignified tones. For instance, in the autumn, deep maroons, crimsons, browns, and ochres can be worn to help elevate an outfit. It can make a nice change to switch up your color palette as you move into your wiser years, helping you bring a theme to your inward growth.

Beautiful Investments

A fantastic investment can serve as a reward to yourself. However, you may wish to invest in a beautiful tattoo or maybe investing in better grooming and skincare for mental health and self-care. Little pampering sessions can help you feel rejuvenated no matter how much you work all week. All this adds to how fresh and confident you feel, which, in turn, helps you feel much better in your skin.

Taking Inspiration & Setting It

Taking inspiration and setting it is a good means of staying motivated to remain stylish and to enjoy fashion and what that means to you. It might be that opening an Instagram account and following some of your style icons can help you feel inspired to put certain outfits together. Maybe you can take a few photos of your outfit of the day, and more. Feeling as if you can share, join the conversation, and listen to others gives you a sense of connection. That helps you feel as if people are with you, and that style is something to be shared, not just ruminated over.

It can also feel quite nice to get compliments or to wear something you are proud of and glad to own. In these times, perhaps going out and showing our outfits isn’t as wise as it once was, and so this can give you that social sense of style-setting that you can appreciate yourself and with others.

To conclude, it is critical to understand that age is no barrier to style, and if anything, it just opens up an array of alternate, wonderful options. If you choose what makes you happy and ensure that your clothes fit well, and do not worry about yourself changing with the years (everyone does), you will no doubt look classier, more beautiful, and more approachable than you ever have before.

Here’s to your magical journey of style!

Edited by Global Health Aging Editorial Team

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